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Keen To Collaborate?

Amazing! Thanks so much for your interest in our little biz.

We aim to work with as many different Australian businesses as humanly (and caninely?)  possible, so please send through your ideas and social media handles for us to start a wonderful relationship.

We love Instagram and regularly post about our vendors on all of our social media. We will happily promote your brand as well as include your info in every box sold with your items! Our sisterhood of ambassadors and subscribers will definitely not forget you.

We pay wholesale prices for large orders of both dog and human products that match our prepared themes. We always prefer to be eco-friendly, so if your product is environmentally conscious, or can be minimally packaged that would be ideal.

We include around six items for both dog and dog mum in every box, so please ensure your items are not enormous, dangerous or ridiculous. Please no baby products; our children have fur and don't need nappies or bibs. Generally. #slobber

Don't have a suitable product business, but still want to team up? That would be excellent, we happily share other small businesses for exposure so please don't be shy.

Can't make your product in bulk? We still want to work with your unique, exclusive brand! Send us a message - we also have an online store coming soon where we will sell individual items included or excluded from the boxes.

Bonus points if you send a pic of your dog.

~ Tristen & Lauren ~