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About Us


Our names are Tristen and Lauren. We are dog mums, best friends and sisters in that order. We live in Bendigo, Victoria with our growing fur families. We have designed Dog Mum Box for women like us who cannot necessarily justify buying "luxuries" for ourselves, even while spending hundreds on fancy accessories for our pets!

A blonde girl, smiling while holding a red dog. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever lunging at the camera with tongue out. Sitting on park bench with red flowers in background

Tristen has worked in the vet industry for 7+ years and now owns and runs her own dog training, daycare business, Tristen's Puppy Gym, where she works full-time teaching puppy school, tricks and life skills classes, running doggy daycare and training dogs.

She adopted Taco in March 2020 (for anyone wondering, she is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) and it's definitely safe to say her life revolves around dogs, with no time for herself.

Lauren has a BoA, and therefore works part-time in an industry unrelated to Professional and Creative Writing. She's had Pip for the best 18 months of her life, despite COVID's strain on work and friend relationships (and the waistband). She is very clucky (barky?) for another puppy, but needs to save for a bigger car before getting one. A Bernese Mountain Dog will NOT fit in the current one.

A golden retriever, smiling while wearing a colourful bow tie and green lead. Sitting next to a red haired women, also smiling at the camera. Red bottlebrush background

With Tristen's business experience and Lauren's communication skills, we think we make a good team with a mix of knowledge to bring to the Dog Mum Box experience.

We wanted each box to contain enough gifts to spoil the doggos, plus some gifts for the dog mum to accompany them. Matching outfits anyone? Yes.

We also know that it can be hard to justify buying surprise gifts for yourself every month, so we only release our boxes every two months to not overwhelm you. Or us.

During COVID-19, the call to shop local is heard loud and clear, and we are loving discovering so so SO many small businesses with fricken gorgeous products made in Australia!

It can be difficult to trial these businesses due to visibilty, costs and postage, so we aim to curate our boxes from a wide variety of small Aussie businesses so you can try as many as possible, all at once!

We personally know so many like-minded women who we think will really enjoy and benefit from our subscription, so we work hard to find the best products for them and their fluffy little puppers to enjoy!

We hope you love your Dog Mum Box 🐾

Give your dog a kiss from us! 😘

~ Tristen & Lauren ~